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Most of us live pretty hectic lives. Work commitments continue to get in the way of what little time we have left with our families and also what little time we have to ourselves. To combat this a lot of people turn to drugs, alcohol or just simply bury themselves into more work.

Kava (sometimes referred to as kavakava or Piper Methsyticum) can be the ideal way to relax after a hard day and also a way to chill out with your friends and spouse (after you tuck the kids in). Kava or kavakava is a non alcoholic drink which leaves the user with a relaxed sense of contentment.

When used in a social environment, kava is a good social tonic allowing conversation to flow. This is primarily what it was used for in the South Pacific islands where kava originates. In Vanuatu, commonly referred to as the 'homeland of kava', kava was prepared by the men of the village for use after work. Ideally it would be drunk and then the chief would mediate disputes, political discussion would occur and deals would be made. The sensation kava gives is such that these issues can be dealt with in a clear manner.

Rugby League players and mixed martial arts fighters buy kava kava for use after games/fights and training as its benefits are two pronged. Unlike alcohol which tenses the body, kava relaxes the body, so any bumps and bruises caused in such high impact sports heal quicker, particularly if kava is taken in the first few hours after receiving the injury. As mentioned kava's relaxing sensation and social tonic qualities allows for team or fighter to assess the performance in a truly honest capacity.

Where do I buy kava?

Kava's qualities have been known for over 100 years by people in western countries. German scientists even used kava as far back as the 1890's as a medicine for blood pressure. The use of kava boomed in the 90's and with the advent of ecommerce boomed even further.

However all kava is not the same, in the same way that not all wines are the same. Kava roots from different countries vary in strength, lactone content and lactone quality (kava lactones are the active component in kava which causes the relaxed kava sensation). Kava from Fiji, Tonga and Samoa are normally fairly mild in their effects requiring the user to drink considerable quantities before feeling the full effect. Kava from Vanuatu is re known for its potency and thus is highly sought after amongst kava users.

Most Vanuatu kava is sold by kava producers outside of Vanuatu who import bulk amounts of kava and then value add it in their own country. This has changed however with the advent of Vanuatu Kava Store. The owners of Vanuatu Kava Store are ni-vanuatu (Vanuatu citizens) who reside in Vanuatu and manufacture all of their products in the islands of Vanuatu. This means that the value adding is kept at a local level and the benefits of kava production are kept at a micro economic level instead of being retained by overseas kava importers.

On a seperate note, we understand that some people prefer Fiji kava and the Fiji kava preparation to Vanuatu kava. If you prefer Fiji kava and wish to buy Fiji kava, we recommend that you visit Fiji Kava Store. Also if you live in New Zealand and want to buy kava in New Zealand, we recommend contacting Just Pacific trading. They have Vanuatu kava stock available ready to be delivered within days.

Vanuatu Kava Store Products

The kava products made by Vanuatu Kava Store are almost all made using non chemical extraction techniques. This is different to the majority of over seas kava manufacturers who use alcohol extraction to make their kava products. Below are some of Vanuatu Kava Store's product line:

Quick Kava Premium

Quick Kava Premium is an instant kava product. Instant kava is classed as kava that is soluble when added to water. This differs to traditional kava which is made by draining shredded kava root through fabric numerous times. Whilst the traditional kava preparation method is good, instant kava means you can get the full effects of kava by simply adding instant kava to a glass of water or cordial.

Quick Kava Premium is instant kava that is made from kava that is taken out of the ground in the island of Pentecost, prepared the same day and then frozen immediately. This means that the quality of the kava is not diminished as it would be if the kava was then shipped to Port Vila  (the capital of Vanuatu) and then prepared. When kava is exposed to sunlight it immediately starts to lose its kava lactone content. By preparing the kava as soon as it is taken out of the ground the maximum lactone content is retained.

Quick Kava Premium is such a strong concentrated product only a teaspoon is required to get a strong kava "buzz". So whilst Quick Kava Premium is slightly more expensive than other instant products, it is actually better value.

Kava Strips

The only non natural product that Vanuatu Kava Store manufacture. Kava Strips use the drug technology of the 60's to infuse kava lactones into small strips. Kava Strips are made by extracting kava lactones using alcohol and then infusing the lactones into blotting paper. The result is small compact kava strips that you dunk in your hot beverages. Let it sit for a small time and then you get a nice little kava buzz with your tea or coffee. The major benefit of kava-strips is that there is no earthy kava taste!


Other Vanuatu Kava Store Products

When looking to buy kava we strongly recommend that you check out Vanuatu Kava Store for other Kava products including kava cola, Vanuatu kava powder and kava chocolate!.


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